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Lillies: A Poem | Dupyshon

Lillies: A Poem

Lilies, lilies, come and rise;
Turn and face your morning skies.
Blue and clear, and full of hope,
Draping down the clovered slope.

The climbing sun bathes you in gold,
Until the eve when day grows old.
The flying moon frosts you at night,
Until the dawn, we gain your sight.

Maidens so fair and darlings so true,
Each of these soldier must pick one of you.
Choices uneasy and graven, once done,
Ladies are lilies, with hearts to be won.

So let me shine forth, so bright and so fair
My love will take flight into the blue air.
My wings are the words of this verse in your mind;
My sweetheart is the flower I must find.

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