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Obesity in the Natural World | Dupyshon

Obesity in the Natural World

Some animals are born to be fat.  We expect it, and even enjoy it.  Not only is it hilarious, but also delicious.

Breakfast is coming…with a vengeance.

Let’s face it, without the fattened calf, parties would have been few and far between in the days before widely available liquor.  And the cow is still the staple animal meat at backyard barbecues in the United States.

What do you want to be when you grow up? "A double-quarter pounder with cheese!"

Nevertheless, there is no excuse for those animals that we do not expect to be fat, and they have become the object of scorn and ridicule for their failure to demonstrate our idea of untarnished natural existence.

Simply unacceptable.

And while we all idealize Garfield, the comic cat, it is simply because we think of him as having a human psyche.  He isn’t really a cat at all, just color and shapes on 2-dimensional paper.

Cats appear to be the main transgressors here, although dogs and squirrels have made the list too.

    Just keep trying buddy.
The only squirrel to remember where he buried all his nuts.

But the one thing I’ve always wondered is this: are there any obese plants?

He makes Fat Fruit.


In a contest though, I think we’d still take the cake…  Literally.

I am a champion!

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